Jeep safari to the Teide National Park

Enjoy an unforgettable jeep excursion around Tenerife while getting to know two of the most beautiful and spectacular places on the island: the Teide National Park and the village of Masca.

Teide tour

Thanks to these 4×4 vehicles we will be able to have fun and experience an adventure while we head to the highlights of our tour. Our jeeps have the capacity to seat 6 people plus the guide/driver, and clients will be grouped by language so that no more than 2 languages are spoken in the same jeep.

jeep tour teide

In addition, these vehicles allow us to make many stops along the route and to travel with the top down if the weather conditions allow, so we can enjoy the good weather in addition to the route.

Jeep tour

During our journey to the Teide National Park you will be surprised by the different scenery as we pass through desert, volcanic areas, large palm groves and enormous pine forests.

Tenerife pinares

We will also encounter beautiful villages on the route such as Arona or Santiago del Teide.

In the Teide National Park we will make several stops so that you can appreciate Mount Teide from almost every angle. From certain vantage points we will be able to see both Mount Teide and Pico Viejo (“Old Peak”), the other large volcano on the island that is not easily visible from certain areas.

Teido Pico Viejo volcán

From some large rock formations at the foot of Mount Teide, the Roques García, we will contemplate the magnificent view of Teide’s summit. This spot, some 2200 metres above sea level, will be the highest vantage point we reach to view the peak of Teide, which, at 3718 metres, is the highest mountain in Spain. Immortalise this scene and take a photo similar to the one on the old 1000 peseta banknote.

Roques Garcia

Also in Las Cañadas del Teide, from the lookout point at Llano de Ucanca, we will find the Ucanca Valley, an impressive desert valley whose landscape resembles the vision we usually have of Mars.

Valle de Ucanca Tenerife

One of the most exciting parts of our jeep tour is undoubtedly the road to Masca.

Thanks to our expert drivers, we can negotiate the narrowest, most winding and steepest stretches without difficulty, while admiring the spectacular views in this area.

Masca carretera road

Our last stop on the tour is a visit to the small mountain village of Masca. Situated in the Macizo de Teno [Teno Massif], at the foot of a huge rock formation in the middle of an immense and deep ravine that reaches down to the sea, Masca is an idyllic place where you will be able to stroll around and take some photos before returning to the 4×4.


With the visit to Masca, we will reach the end of our jeep safari and will start our return journey back to the pick-up point with the hope that you will leave feeling that you have enjoyed one of the most pleasant and special days of your holidays in Tenerife, full of fun, nature, culture and adventure.

LUNCH: Although the meal is not included in the price, we will stop at a restaurant for a set menu that usually consists of a creamed vegetable soup, roast chicken, and a piece of fruit for dessert.

IMPORTANT: Apart from the fun and adventure, other advantages of traveling by jeep instead of by bus are that we will make many more stops along the route, that the pick-up is usually at your accommodation and that the pick-up and drop-off times are much shorter.

Jeep tour Teide Masca